Refinance FAQ

How do I know what my loan rate will be?

Rates vary primarily based on the type and purpose of the loan, your credit history and income, loan amount, and aircraft value.

How do I qualify for a loan?

We use specific criteria to determine if you qualify for a loan and the amount you can qualify for. You can use our Calculators area to determine whether you can qualify for a loan, the types of loan products that are best for you, and many other things. USAF allows you to apply and get approved right here online – it’s fast, easy, and free (USAF charges no application fee).

How much can be borrowed on an aircraft?

We typically lend up to 80% (with a maximum of 90%) of our valuation of your aircraft.

What is needed in order to start the application process?

We need a completed USAF application (available on line) along with a spec sheet on your aircraft and the last two years of IRS tax returns.

How does my current loan get handled?

Upon your authorization we contact and coordinate directly with your current lender providing the necessary documentation and funds to pay it off.

How long does the approval and closing process take?

Typically we offer same day approval and the next business day closing.

QuickTurn Financing

USAF is an independent national aircraft lender offering some of the most competitive rates and terms available on aircraft loans. Deal direct with USAF and get the right aircraft loan for you without paying a commission or a broker fee to a middleman. The whole process is fast and easy. USAF QuickTurn Financing – Guaranteed!