Aircraft Loans – Aviation Refinancing

Aviation refinancing means you can extend your loan term, lower your interest rate, and start saving on your monthly payments…

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Fixed Rate Aviation Refinancing
This aviation refinancing loan is for pilots planning to keep their aircraft and its financing for more than five years. It offers stability and peace of mind with a fixed principal and interest payment for the life of the loan, protecting you against rising interest rates.

We offer 15 and 20 (for qualifying applicants) year fixed interest rate loans…or you may select any term short of these you prefer! After the first two (2) years, there are no pre-payment penalties!

Fixed/Adjustable Rate Aviation Refinancing
A “fixed period” adjustable rate loan offers the lowest initial interest rates and minimal monthly payments for aviation refinancing. It is a great choice if you are planning to sell your aircraft or planning to refinance it in the near term to accommodate an engine overhaul, avionics upgrade, or such. It also gives you increased purchasing power, buying more of what you want.

Our Fixed/Adjustable Rate loan offers a low rate that is fixed for the first loan period (3,5, 7, or 10 years) with loan terms of 15 and 20 (for qualifying applicants)…. or you may select any term short of these you prefer! After the first year there are no pre-payment penalties!