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Fixed Rate Aircraft Loan

This aircraft loan is for pilots planning to keep their aircraft and its financing for more than five years. It offers stability and peace of mind with a fixed principal and interest payment for the life of the aircraft loan, protecting you against rising interest rates.

We offer up to 25 year term(for qualifying applicants)  fixed interest rate aircraft loans…or you may select any term short of these you prefer! After the first two (2) years there are no pre-payment penalties.

No aircraft yet?

No problem! A variety of aircraft loans from US Aircraft Finance are available now!

Use the link below to download our interactive PDF form. This form allows you to enter information on your computer, save your progress, and then either print it (faxing it to the number on top of the form), scan or attach to an email and forward to us.

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Add Aviation Insurance

Any aircraft owner needs insurance, so check out our new aviation insurance options including our aircraft liability coverage, hull coverage, medical coverage, and more. It’s time to consider aviation insurance from US Aircraft Insurance.