End the year right with the aircraft financing you need

Start the new year off right by accomplishing your goal to fly high. We offer fast, easy, and reliable aircraft financing options to help you get into the skies like you’ve always dreamed of. And if you’re not new to flight, we can even help you finance the aircraft upgrades you’ve been wishing for so you can start 2021 on the right foot… or wing!

Tax deductions are on every business owner’s mind at the end of each year, which is what makes the next few weeks the perfect time to consider the use of bonus depreciation and section 179 deduction to save on taxes through the acquisition of an aircraft by year-end.

Purchasing an aircraft for business purposes is beneficial for businesses as it provides a means of safe and effective long-distance travel, and can also provide a break on taxes when used as a deduction.

Finding the right aircraft for your desired use and attaining the proper financing can make a world of difference for business owners and their employees. If you have your eye on an aircraft and have yet to secure financing, give us a call at 1-802-434-4100 to learn more about your options, or head over to our website and apply for financing today to receive a free quote.

Our quick turnaround ensures that you can prove to the seller that you have secured financing and are ready to purchase ASAP so you won’t miss out on the perfect aircraft for your needs!


Providing service that soars high


It has certainly been an interesting year so far, and it isn’t over just yet; there is still plenty of time to take to the skies and revel in the feeling of flight.

As the end of 2020 is getting closer, we’re always thinking of the coming year, how to improve our own aircraft, and of course, how we can best serve our customers.

Our veteran-owned company is proud to offer a $100 closing fee Military Discount for those who are currently serving or who have served in the US military, as a thank you for your service. Please contact us to inquire about this discount opportunity and discuss your options for aircraft financing, refinancing, insurance, upgrades, and more.

We are also pleased to announce that our rates are now as low as 3.49% – some of the lowest out there! Utilizing our state-of-the-art loan processing capabilities, we can close your loan more quickly and efficiently than you could even imagine.

Visit some of our online resources to learn more about our aircraft financing opportunities, upgrades, insurance, and more:

Wondering how you can pay less interest on your aircraft loan? Learn about it using our handy How Can I Pay Less Interest? Loan Calculator

Our dedicated staff is always ready to speedily process all loan applications.
From approval to closing, the entire process through USAF can typically happen in as little as one day and can all be completed virtually and from the comfort of your own home – no travel required!

We are also a direct lender, so the person you are speaking with is who you are dealing with; no middleman, no tricks, and no need to worry about dealing with a big bank.

We can help with everything from financing your aircraft purchase, to financing your upgrades and insurance. Visit our website or give us a call to learn more about financing opportunities through USAF, and our team will happily discuss what we can do to help you soar.

US Aircraft Finance

Keep to the skies this fall

While the pleasant weather drifts into late summer and into the fall, we’re keeping to the skies. The feeling of flight and the ability to soar into the clouds is a sensation that can’t be matched on land.

As a veteran-owned company, our mission first and foremost is service. Our financial professionals have years of experience in matching customers with the financial support they need to take to the skies and become the pilot they’ve always dreamed of being.

Utilizing state-of-the-art loan processing capabilities, we can close your loan more quickly and efficiently than you could even imagine.

Our financing options can fit every pilot’s needs. We are proud to offer top-notch, personalized service to all of our clients, and our team can even assist with securing loans of all sizes, including smaller loans and financing for older aircraft. We’re also a direct lender, so the person you speak with is the only person you’re working with – no middleman, no bank employees, and no worries!

Whether you’re looking to get into the sky and experience flight for the first time or need some upgrades made to your aircraft to get you there, we can help. Visit some of our online resources to learn more about our aircraft financing opportunities and more:

Our staff is always poised and ready to process loan applications as quickly as we can. From approval to closing, the entire process through USAF can typically happen in as little as one day and can all be completed virtually and from the comfort of your own home – no travel required!

Whether you’re interested in aircraft purchasing, upgrading, or refinancing, we’d love to help. If you’re interested in learning more about our financing opportunities, visit our website or give us a call and our team will happily discuss what we can do to get you into the skies.

US Aircraft Finance

Take flight into your own hands

Flight can be much more than just a method of travel; it is an experience that involves all of the senses and provides you with the feeling of true freedom. Whether you are looking for that magnificent feeling of weightlessness or need to get down to business and go from point A to point B, flying can get you there.

Embarking on a commercial flight is not as carefree as it once was; due to the pandemic, many are avoiding travel altogether, which can be bad for personal travel as well as business travel. Luckily, there is an option to take flight into your own hands and avoid airports, commercial flights, and potential illness altogether.

Whether you are an experienced aircraft owner and are looking to make some upgrades and implement insurance, or you are hoping to purchase your first plane, our team of financial experts can help you with financing your aircraft purchase, upgrades, insurance, and more.

As a direct lender, we are pleased to offer you the experience of speaking directly with the people you will be dealing with—no middleman, no complicated jargon, and no months of waiting. We take pride in our speedy application process, which can be done entirely from the comfort of your own home, and the online application through closing process can occur in as little as one day!

Our veteran-owned company is proud to offer a closing fee Military Discount for those who are currently serving or who have served in the US military, as a thank you for your service. Please contact us to inquire about this discount opportunity and to discuss your options for aircraft financing, refinancing, insurance, upgrades, and more.

US Aircraft Finance

Easy Aircraft Loans: How We Took the Process from 30 Days to 1

In the world of aviation, there are very few things that you can accomplish in one day. Getting a quick & easy aircraft loan can seem impossible when borrowing from a bank or from an institution that is an indirect lender.

US Aircraft Finance is a direct lender, which allows for a fast aircraft loan process to connect you with your dream aircraft faster than any other alternative.

Loans Through Big Banks

The typical personal loan application process is convoluted and riddled with opportunities to make mistakes that can land you in financial discomfort.

Borrowing from a bank is hard work and involves multiple trips to its location, an in-person meeting, followed by several days of waiting to hear back. You will typically need to check your credit score and predict what you must pay once you start borrowing.

Aircraft Loans Through USAF

The loan process at USAF takes a matter of hours and is completed from the comfort of your home. The first stage of your application – the quote and pre-approval – can be processed in less than one business day.

Throughout the whole process, you will work with a USAF representative – no middleman, no complications. This level of efficiency and responsiveness is unparalleled among alternative resources for direct aircraft loans.

Our Unique Aircraft Loan Process

Applying for an aircraft loan through US Aircraft Finance is done in four steps, without leaving your home:

1. Apply for a Loan

Fill out an aircraft loan application and send it over to us via one of the contact options listed below. With this information, as well as the past two years of tax returns, a copy of last year’s W2s, your 2 most recent pay stubs, and proof of liquid assets (a most recent bank statement will typically suffice), our team will get your loan process started.

2. Reviewing Your Application

After reviewing your application, a US Aircraft Finance representative will contact you regarding our decision.

3. Sign Documents Electronically

Once your application is processed and approved, we can schedule a closing date. With the proper documentation, your signatures are all that is needed to collect funding through escrow.

4. Receive Your Loan

After loan documents are signed, we file the paperwork and settle closing conditions, and disbursement is achieved through escrow.

Making the Most Out of the Current Situation

Despite the confusing times we’re faced with due to COVID-19, US Aircraft Finance is sticking around to help clients take advantage of historically low interest rates.

Whether you’re purchasing, upgrading, or just refinancing, now is a better time than ever to inquire about our services.

Aircraft Financing Resources

Use our interactive calculators to find out what your aircraft payments might look like and more:

Need a quote fast? Apply for an aircraft loan and you’ll hear back from us in a flash – speed guaranteed!

Contact Us

If you’re interested in exploring the opportunities of US Aircraft Finance’s services, talk to a representative today to discuss your options, learn about the historically low interest rates, and chat about flying in the clear spring sky.

Phone: (802) 434-4100

Toll Free: (888) 654-8723

Fax: (802) 434-3082

E-mail: usaf@usaircraftfinance.com

Financing Your Aircraft Purchase, Refinancing, or Upgrades

While the world is finding ways to deal with the current situation that has been created due to the coronavirus, we would like to let our customers know that our team at US Aircraft Finance is fully available to assist with financing your aircraft purchase, refinancing, and upgrades.

Our nimble staff have swiftly adjusted to the current restrictions and are still able to provide our full range of aircraft financing services during these times. Unlike many other finance agencies, we as a direct lender have not been impacted or hit with any impediments that have slowed us down in our approval process, we are prepared to connect our clients with excellent service and rates as usual.

As many pilots are stuck at home wondering how to fill the days, this makes it a great time to look into purchasing, refinancing, or upgrading your aircraft. With interest rates currently sitting at a historic low, now is an excellent time to consider making your dream of flight a reality or to refinance and save some extra funds. Or, if you are in need of aircraft upgrades, it is also an opportune time to look into financing options for your desired upgrades as well.

Need to apply for an aircraft loan? Apply now and we are standing by to answer your questions – speed guaranteed!

Purchasing Your Aircraft

Remaining in isolation due to the recent orders to stay home combined with being cooped up inside during the late winter months has made it even more refreshing to see the snow thawing and springtime finally arriving across the nation. As the weather brightens, so does our excitement to get back into the skies and fly during the prime months out of the year. Even though we must stay away from others, we are lucky that we can still take to the skies and savor the joy of flight.

Owning an aircraft is not only a great hobby but is also a practical purchase for both leisure and business travel purposes. Whatever your needs are, we can help connect you with the best aircraft for your budget. We can tailor our financing to meet your specific needs on any purchase transaction. Even if you do not have an aircraft currently, a variety of aircraft loans from US Aircraft Finance are available to you as always.

Wondering what amount of aircraft your budget can get you? Use our handy calculator to find out the answer to the important question, “How much aircraft can I afford?”

Aircraft Insurance

Every aircraft owner needs insurance, so be sure to check out our aviation insurance options including our aircraft liability coverage, hull coverage, medical coverage, and more.


Aviation refinancing means you can extend your loan term, lower your interest rate, and start saving. Refinancing can help you save on your monthly payment, or you can use your equity to get cash out with several available loan options.

With rates at a historic low, it is an excellent time to consider refinancing your current aircraft loans to take advantage of the current rates and pay less moving forward.

Should you refinance? Our refinancing calculator can calculate the monthly payment and interest costs for up to four aircraft loans all on one screen so you can compare your options and find out what is best for you.


If you are looking to make upgrades and improvements to your aircraft, we offer loans that will suit every budget. Whether it’s for a new avionics stack, engine overhaul, complying with ADS-B, a new paint job, or interior, we have the aircraft loan to help you with financing your aircraft upgrades.

Why Upgrade Now?

Due to continual advancements in avionic technology, there are more options for mandatory and optional aircraft upgrades than ever before. As aircraft owners bring their aircraft in for regularly scheduled maintenance, they are increasingly tempted to make more upgrades once they see the exciting new tech available in the shop. This can quickly increase upgrade pricing from $10k to a $50k project, but luckily there are “flynancing” options to help cover the cost.

Whether you’re planning a change that’s required by the FAA, just window shopping for something to make your flight more comfortable, or both, our financing options can help you to make the aircraft upgrades you’ve always dreamed of.

ADS-B Upgrade

An upgrade that was mandated by the FAA as of January 2020 is the installation of an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) system. An ADS-B system uses satellite navigation to determine an aircraft’s position and broadcasts that information, allowing it to be tracked by regulatory bodies.

This allows flight traffic controllers to more accurately monitor aircraft and manage them more efficiently. This technology grants a more holistic situational awareness of the skies and is mandatory for the safety of all aviators.

Aesthetic Upgrades

Types of upgrades that can quickly revitalize an aging plane are those that are purely aesthetic. A simple paint job can restore a tired-looking plane and grab the attention of fellow aviators on the runway. An upgrade to your interior can provide a similar second wind to your aircraft and can keep you comfortable while soaring overhead.

Financing Your Aircraft Purchase, Refinancing, or Upgrades

Whether you are looking into purchasing your first (or second, or third!) aircraft, refinancing your aircraft loans, or looking to upgrade, our team at US Aircraft Finance can help. In addition to our legendary customer service, working with us is a streamlined process¾it’s easy, financing is simple, and it’s done in the comfort of your home within a day or so. No bank visits are required, there’s no need to go anywhere for closing, and because we are a direct lender you won’t have to deal with a middleman.

It is an opportune time to look into financing your aircraft upgrades, purchases, and refinancing as we are seeing historically low interest rates at this time. Combined with our fixed rates currently as low as 3.99%, your next upgrade, refinance, or purchase could be financed at an affordable amount that will get you flying sooner than you could have anticipated.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in exploring the opportunities of upgrading your aircraft, contact our service team about the historically low rates and how to make them work in your favor.

Phone: (802) 434-4100

Toll Free: (888) 654-8723

Fax: (802) 434-3082

E-mail: usaf@usaircraftfinance.com

Take advantage of the historically low interest rates at US Aircraft Finance

Refinancing or Purchasing During Historically Low Interest Rates

While we are all dealing with the effects of the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, our team at US Aircraft Finance will continue to work to provide valuable, industry-relevant information to our customers and friends. While these times are unprecedented and circumstances are fluid, we also know this is temporary. One of the most significant impacts that the outbreak has brought to financing is the recent reduction in interest rates.

Low Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve’s recent decision to reduce interest rates by half a percentage point has settled rates at a historic low. It is the first time the Fed has cut rates by half a percentage point since 2008. Due to the current low interest rates, it is an opportune time to buy or refinance an aircraft.

The opportunity presented by the rate reduction affects both a purchasing or refinancing decision, and it is the perfect time to take advantage of lower borrowing costs for your aircraft purchase, upgrades, and more. It is also a great time to refinance your loans and enjoy the low interest rates.

Financing or Refinancing with US Aircraft Finance

Whether you are looking for a business aircraft, personal aircraft, or both, we can help connect you with the best aircraft for your budget while taking into account the current low interest rates. Today our rates as low as 3.99% with terms up to 25 years. Our financing experts have the knowledge and ability to match you with aircraft financing that suits your needs.

As a direct lender, we are able to get you the right aircraft finance loan without a middleman. Our quick process enables us to offer some of the best aircraft financing rates and terms in the business. Our loan process is also entirely remote so you can apply, receive approval, and close all from the comfort of your own home – no face-to-face interaction required.

Use our interactive calculators to find out what your aircraft payments might look like and more:

Need a quote fast? Apply for a loan and you’ll hear back from us in a flash – speed guaranteed!

Contact Us

If you are interested in speaking with our service-oriented team about the current low interest rates, financing opportunities, and more, please contact us.

Phone: (802) 434-4100

Toll Free: (888) 654-8723

Fax: (802) 434-3082

E-mail: usaf@usaircraftfinance.com

US Aircraft Finance owner and founder Dave Savoie enjoying his personal plane

Meet the Team at USAF

Behind every great company is a number of individuals dedicated to providing excellent service. Here at US Aircraft Finance, we are lucky to have a talented team working behind the scenes to help our customers with their financing needs. In this blog post, we are introducing each of our individual team members. Read on to meet the team at USAF and learn more about our crew.

About USAF

From loans to refinancingupgrades, and more, our team members know how to help customers and work together to provide a painless “flynancing” experience from start to finish.

USAF was founded by Dave Savoie in 1998 and has grown to include 6 additional employees. Our business is small but mighty, standing against other aircraft financing companies thanks to our unwavering dedication to customer service, our lightning-fast application process, and our unique position as a direct lender for aircraft loans.

Dave Savoie, Founder & Owner

US Aircraft Finance owner and founder Dave Savoie enjoying his personal plane

Founder and owner of US Aircraft Finance Dave Savoie joined the US Air Force in 1965. After 22 years of dedication and a number of medals, declarations, and ribbons under his wing, Dave retired from service but continued to fly his own aircraft as he does today.

Dave also spent 30 years in the banking industry as an Executive Vice President, Senior Lender, and Chief Credit Officer of large regional New England based banks. Following these two career paths, he determined he wanted to combine them by establishing a unique aircraft finance company dedicated to providing top-notch customer service and offering the best rates and terms in the industry as a direct lender.

Dave’s experience in the military honed his passion for service, and his knowledge of financing and love of flight created the perfect cocktail to inspire a new business: US Aircraft Finance.

Wendy Savoie, Operations Manager

Wendy Savoie, Operations Manager

Operations Manager Wendy, also a pilot, was instrumental in the launching of US Aircraft Finance in 1998. Wendy and Dave met in grade school in Montpelier, Vermont, became high school sweethearts and celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2017.

Wendy has served in virtually all capacities for the business, watching it grow significantly over the subsequent 22 years. While her intent is to become “semi-retired” she still keeps her hand in USAF – handling payroll and generating various company reports as well as overseeing the company operations.

When out of the office her passions include hiking, skiing, traveling and walking their two rescue black labs, Lyla and Ellie, who are frequent visitors of the office.

Alex Savoie, Assistant Manager

Alex Savoie, Assistant Manager

As Assistant Manager at US Aircraft Finance for the last 8 years, Alex is accountable for business strategy, marketing, and operations, including new business development and origination, among additional responsibilities pertaining to credit administration, loans, terms, and internal operations.

Originally from Minnesota, Alex served on active duty in the US Army for 8 years before switching careers to the Real Estate industry for 16 years. Later seizing the chance to relocate his family out of NYC after Hurricane Sandy hit, Alex combined his sales and mortgage background with his love of planes to pursue a position at USAF. “When the job was offered, I took it and haven’t looked back.”

Alex’s favorite part of working at USAF is “closing an aircraft loan and hearing how happy a pilot is to have their own plane. Whether it’s their 1st or 5th aircraft, pilots closing a loan is like Christmas morning every time and I enjoy being their Santa Claus.”

Alex flies a Cessna 172 aircraft, and while flying most enjoys “the view, being able to see the earth (landscape) in a way I never did before… soaring like a bird and having the feeling and ability of flight.”

Alex has been married for 10 years and outside of work enjoys traveling with his wife and young kids, visiting his family in the Midwest, motorcycles, Texas Holdem, social events with friends, and the Vikings.

Liz Halgas, Loan Processor

Liz Halgas, Loan Processor at US Aircraft Finance

Liz has been a part of the team at USAF for 2 years and runs the AR department. Her BS in Economics, MBA in Finance, and experience in the banking industry where she worked primarily with real estate loans provided all the skills she needed to master the aircraft loan world. Liz chose to work in aircraft financing after spending some time as a stay-at-home mom, and decided to jump back into the workforce when she became “intrigued by the aircraft loan product” and wanted to work for a “small business with a financial theme.”

Liz enjoys the small company environment at USAF and how Dave and Alex “have a solid customer service orientated business around a hobby they love.”

Outside of work, Liz enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 teenage boys. “We love to travel, ski, and golf. We also love to spend time at our camp in the summer.”

Pauline Fortune, Administrative Assistant

Pauline Fortune, Administrative Assistant at US Aircraft Finance

Pauline is the Quality Control admin for both finance and insurance departments at USAF. Her 8 years of dedication to the company began when she stepped back into the working world after taking some time to care for her grandson. With previous experience in the automotive industry, Pauline was intrigued by USAF, its flexible scheduling opportunity, and its proximity to her home.

Pauline takes care of financing paperwork, prepares them for closing, and ensures FAA/escrow has all of the correct documents.

Pauline’s favorite thing about flying is “getting to my destination faster than driving!” Outside of work, she enjoys attending classic car shows and traveling.

Misty Hubbert, Insurance Processor

Misty Hubbert, Insurance Processor at US Aircraft Finance

Misty has been a part of the team at USAF for one year and is responsible for running the day-to-day insurance department. After working in banking in finance for several years, Misty was drawn to the unique aspect of aircraft financing and was interested in the flexible scheduling opportunities offered at USAF.

As a relatively new member of the team at USAF, Misty most enjoys learning new things, as aircraft insurance is very new for her. She also enjoys working with all the staff.

When she isn’t on duty, Misty likes to “cook, listen to music, and work in my flower gardens.” Her family is also extremely important to her and she enjoys spending time with them as well as with her friends and neighbors.

Melody Danaher, Bookkeeper

Melody Danaher, Bookkeeper at US Aircraft Finance

Melody has worked with the team at USAF for 5 years as our talented Bookkeeper. Melody graduated from Champlain College in Burlington with a focus on legal administrative assistant work. Mostly working as a freelance bookkeeper, Melody enjoys the flexible schedule she can maintain while working with us.

As a bookkeeper for 40 years, Melody was “interested in learning more about this industry” and was “surprised that this service was operating in a small town in Vermont.” She enjoys the clear duties she has at USAF and says that “the work is enjoyable.” She also enjoys that “the staff is a pleasure to work with and everyone works together to serve one another and the clients of USAF.”

What Melody enjoys most about flying is “the speed in which I get to my destination!” While she isn’t working, Melody spends time with her family including her five granddaughters, which she says gives her “the most joy outside the office.” When she isn’t visiting family and friends, you’ll likely find her “taking a walk or hunkered down with a good book.”

We are truly honored to work with such a devoted, knowledgeable, and great team here at US Aircraft Finance. Whether you wish to discuss financing options with Dave, clarify paperwork questions with Pauline, or work with Alex on closing an aircraft loan, any member of our team at USAF will be happy to work with you to provide top-notch customer service that is unmatchable within the aircraft financing industry.

We are also proud to offer a 10% down program for well-qualified buyers, with up to 25-year term and fast closing that occurs within 3-4 business days — something you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else aside from right here at USAF.

If you have any interest in working with our team to learn about your opportunities for aircraft financing, insurance, loans, and more, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your flynancing options!

Phone: (802) 434-4100

Toll Free: (888) 654-8723

E-mail: usaf@usaircraftfinance.com


Additional resources:

How much aircraft can I afford? Finding the best aircraft for your budget with US Aircraft Finance.

How Much Aircraft Can I Afford? Finding the Best Aircraft for Your Budget

The intrinsic appeal of aviation is one felt throughout almost all people, but for most, the thought of owning an aircraft seems fiscally impossible. While this barrier has kept many people grounded, fortunately there are opportunities to circumvent those financial obstacles and connect you with the right aircraft for your budget and needs.

Trying to find the right plane for the right price can be difficult, regardless of your budgetary restraints. Whether you’re learning to fly, an experienced pilot, or are a business owner considering purchasing an aircraft for your company, owning an aircraft is not as far off a goal as it may seem.

What Type of Aircraft Do I Need?

Deciding what type of aircraft would best suit your intended use is the first step toward becoming an aviator.

Depending on your budget, there are many different types of airplanes that can be purchased with varying features and abilities. The length of your flight and the amount of cargo you plan to carry are two of the major factors that will guide you toward the perfect aircraft.

Aircraft for Personal Use

Many beginner pilots tend to go for smaller planes that are tried and true among pilots for generations. For example, the Cessna 172 comes from a long pedigree of excellent engineering and is widely adored by the aviation community.

Most single-engine aircraft carry four passengers and are typically capable of holding a bit of cargo as well. Pilots like these aircraft for their simplicity, and because they’re a great platform to learn to fly on.

Multi-engine aircraft are capable of even larger loads and more passengers. Aviators should always do thorough research prior to the purchase of any plane, but the larger the plane, the more rigorous analysis is necessary.

Aircraft for Business Use

Aside from personal use, businesses and business owners can greatly benefit from owning an aircraft.

The majority of business aircraft are operated by small companies—those with fewer than 1,000 employees. Operating a business aircraft can save time and can improve your bottom line. In many cases, an aircraft purchase can even be written off in taxes if the aircraft in question is used for business purposes.

The benefits of business aviation translate into tangible, quantifiable benefits for companies, shareholders, and the national economy. Studies have shown that companies with business aircraft outperform their counterparts without access to aircraft in the areas of annual earnings growth, stock and dividend growth, total share price, market capitalization and other financial points. Business aircraft ownership is a sign of a well-managed global company.

Business aircraft can also reach ten times the number of U.S. airports than traditional airlines do, with the ability to travel to over 5,000 public-use facilities versus the 70 major airports that large airlines must frequent. (Source: NBAA Business Aviation Fact Book)

The Cirrus SR22, Beechcraft Baron, and Pilatus PC-12 are all suitable options for business airplanes. They can seat between four and nine passengers, depending on the aircraft, and are a great option for business travel.

How Much Aircraft Can I Afford?

Although there is a monetary barrier of entry for aviation, that bar is much lower and more attainable than most would think.

Single-engine aircraft have a price range for all budgets and are far more economical to maintain than multi-engine airplanes. Buyers should be aware however, that purchasing such a plane on the lower end of the price scale almost certainly means further investment improving the technology inside the plane.

Multi-engine aircraft have additional training and certification requirements compared to single-engine aircraft, but still have a wide price range for all budgets. Obviously, more engines would equate to more fuel and a greater cost for operation. These planes are generally owned by more experienced pilots.

Aircraft for business purposes tend to be larger and can come with a higher price tag depending on the model, size, and a number of other factors. These aircraft are the type enjoyed by business owners for travel purposes and can often be written off in taxes when used for business purposes.

One useful resource we offer makes it easy to calculate what your budget should be when searching for an aircraft. With our airplane loan calculator, just plug in some basic financial information, and we can help start you on your journey to airplane ownership: How Much Aircraft Can I Afford?

Aircraft Purchase Considerations

Regardless of the size of your aircraft, they all share some of the same costs you would expect for any aircraft. Any size aircraft will need to have regular maintenance done, inspections must be kept up to date to ensure safety, and aircraft insurance coverage will be required. Upgrades can be optional but are a fun part of personalizing your aircraft.

Finding an institution that will loan anything under $30,000 to purchase an airplane is a regular challenge for beginner aviators.

So, how can you afford an aircraft with your current budget?

Funding Your Aircraft Purchase

As a direct lender, we can help match you with opportunities for loans that make such an investment possible. We can help define your budget, and project what the cost of ownership will be on top of the sticker price. Our experienced team can simplify & structure your investment into manageable payments that can be custom-fit to your situation and your planned use for the aircraft.

We also offer insurance for your aircraft so you can ensure that both you and your aircraft are covered no matter what weather you’re flying into.

The dream of flight is within reach – let us help you touch the sky.

Contact Us

To learn more about financing your aircraft purchase, feel free to contact us. Our team is ready and waiting to assist you and answer any questions you have about aircraft financing, insurance, refinancing and more.

If you’re looking for a speedy process, we can help. Apply online and get your pre-approval quicker than you would anywhere else!

Phone: (802) 434-4100

Toll-Free (888) 654-USAF (8723)

Fax: (802) 434-3082

E-mail: usaf@usaircraftfinance.com

New Aviation Technology

The Latest and Greatest in Aviation Technology

With the new year comes new aviation products and innovative technology. Whether you’re in need of an upgrade, looking to treat yourself in the new year, or just want to know what’s up-and-coming in the aircraft industry, there are many new and exciting aviation advancements to keep an eye on.

Below are five of the leading aviation technologies to watch out for in the new year.

5 Aviation Advances to Look for in 2020


The with start of the new decade came new aircraft compliance requirements. Under the new Next Generation Air Traffic Control System, or NextGen, all aircraft must support Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B).

This new system will make flying safer and more efficient by providing key weather, traffic, and other flight-information services. Aircraft were meant to be upgraded by January 1, 2020, but there’s still time! Learn more about ADS-B to make sure you are properly equipped so you can continue to fly freely.

Electric Planes

Just like with the rise of electric cars, we are now seeing more advances in electric flight. These new advancements could help pilots save on fuel, reduce emissions, and help the environment.

Some of the more popular electric aircraft include the Kitty Hawk models, the Lilium Jet, and the ACCEL. These fantastic vehicles are making air travel faster, quieter, and safer for the environment. They use a variety of methods to power the vehicle, like lithium batteries in the Kitty Hawk Flyer and Heaviside, or a combination of solar panels and batteries.

Though electronic flight has not been commercially widespread or publicly accessible, the developers of these aircraft are hopeful for the future of flight. These advances in electric aircraft technology show promise that flying will soon become more accessible to provide the joy and convenience of flying to everyone, while also finding new ways to create safer and more environmentally friendly travel.

Self-Flying Aircraft

Although modern planes could be considered self-driving as they are able to autonomously complete a flight route, these planes cannot independently make the decision to change the route. With true self-flying, these aircraft (ideally) have no need for a pilot. In terms of entirely autonomous flight, innovators like Boeing and AirBus have been developing safe, fully-autonomous aircraft and have seen huge success in the past year.

For smaller aircraft, researchers in Germany at the Technical University of Munich are working on full-automated landing technology without the need for vision-assisted navigation. This landing system would allow pilots in PAV’s to easily and safely land without the need of a pilot or ground-based systems.

Garmin’s Autonomí

Garmin’s new autoland system is a first in general aviation. Combined with Emergency Descent Mode (EDM) and Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP), these three tools make up the new Autonomí system — essentially a digital parachute for the pilot and passengers.

If a pilot were to become incapacitated or disoriented, this system has the ability to take over automatically or when activated. It can then stabilize the plane and even land it if necessary. The system will work anywhere in the world except a few places in China, Russia, and Central Africa where there isn’t enough data available for the system to make landing decisions.

Upgrades Within Your Reach

While some upgrades are just a dream, there are opportunities to update your own aircraft without putting it out of commission for months on end. New paint and updated interior touches can make your aircraft look and feel brand new and keep you flying high.

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting, an engine overhaul can give your plane some extra kick and keep it running smoothly while staying up-to-date with the latest mechanical features.

If you’re looking for an even bigger upgrade, there are new planes coming out this year, such as the Cessna Denali — a single engine turboprop aircraft that made its first appearance at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015. With a completely new design that is not derived from any existing aircraft, you can stand out in the sky with a new aircraft that includes the most modern features available. Another anticipated new aircraft release is the sleek Epic E1000, a single-engine, six-seat, turboprop light aircraft that aims to be the fastest single-engine civil aircraft at its time of introduction.

Don’t Get Grounded – Get an Upgrade!

If you are one of the many pilots in need of an upgrade to meet the new NextGen requirements, or if you are looking to implement something new for your aircraft or even desire an entirely new plane, we can help.

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