Protect Yourself During Hurricane Season with Aircraft Insurance

According to forecasters at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, the 2022 hurricane season is forecasted to be above average. NOAA has forecasted around 14 to 21 storms, with at least six hurricanes and three to six storms categorized as major hurricanes. This means you will likely experience intense storms with winds moving at speeds over 100 miles per hour more than once this season!

Regardless of the degree of the storm, it is always best to have a hurricane plan for your aircraft—and insurance is essential.

Most aircraft insurance policies cover the reimbursement costs associated with the aircraft moving in an area after a hurricane warning. Still, not all insurers issue the same coverage when a hurricane watch is issued in less than 24-48 hours prior. It is prudent to stay updated on what your policy offers.

Why You Should Insure Your Aircraft

The likelihood of an aircraft getting damaged by storms like hurricanes is small, but that risk still factors into insurance costs. For example, the cost of any physical damage to the plane due to the storm can be high if the aircraft was left outdoors during severe weather.

Another essential consideration is the assessment of storm damage. In this case, the insurer and adjuster will want to determine how the damage occurred and any details that help determine the amount of compensation required. It includes inspecting and evaluating damage to develop a repair plan.

During this process, the evaluation will determine the equipment that requires repair or replacement. With this information, you can then file a claim to cover the cost of the damage using your aircraft insurance. It is not easy with the dynamic nature of slow-moving storms like hurricanes. For such reasons, it is wise to partner with a reliable insurance provider.

Aircraft Insurance from US Aircraft Finance

US Aircraft Finance works with some of the most comprehensive, A+ aircraft insurance carriers that you need to protect your aircraft at all times, especially during hurricane season.

Through our subsidiary, US Aircraft Insurance, we combine our knowledgeable team of aviation insurance professionals with the industry’s most respected aviation insurance underwriting companies.

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Getting reliable aircraft insurance can be challenging during hurricane season. That’s why we make the application process painless and straightforward.

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Hurricane Season is here

Hurricane season is here…are you and your aircraft protected? When heading into the summer and fall, hurricanes are a greater threat to pilots and their aircraft. USAF works with top carriers to protect both you and your aircraft.

We have access to all the major A+ rated aviation insurance underwriters, so no matter what type of flying you do, we can help you secure the best coverage.

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Get closer to the sky with US Aircraft Finance

Our convenient and speedy process enables us to offer some of the lowest rates in the industry for all types of aircraft loans. Whether you are financing an aircraft purchase, refinancing your current loan, or upgrading your airplane, we understand the ins and outs of aircraft financing and how to best satisfy your needs.

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Upgrade business travel

Upgrade business travel with a company aircraft to avoid airport lines, crowded planes, and exorbitant fees. As an added bonus, you can also write off your business aircraft as a tax deduction. You can deduct 100% of a plane’s purchase price and maintenance expenses if the plane is used for business purposes.

The best part- aircraft business use can be as little as 50% to be entitled to bonus depreciation. This means you can use your aircraft for recreational purposes half the time and still save money.

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Reach new heights with your own aircraft

The start of spring means the start of the travel season. If you are looking to avoid airport lines and hassle this year, consider purchasing your own aircraft!

Owning a personal plane means more than just avoiding airport crowds and fees- it also gives you flexibility and true travel freedom. Travel wherever you want on your own schedule, even travel where commercial airlines can’t go! Reach new heights with your own aircraft.

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Spring is coming are you flight ready?

Spring is fast approaching- are you flight ready?

Consider upgrading your ride this spring with a loan from US Aircraft Finance. There is still time to get in some much-needed upgrades, and many pilots will be scrambling to get upgrades during the spring. Get ahead of the curve and upgrade your aircraft now!

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Winter and Aircraft Upgrades

If you are thinking of putting your aircraft away for the winter, consider making better use of the colder
weather this year. USAF makes it easy to finance that upgrade you’ve been thinking about- whether it’s a
new paint job or an entire avionics overhaul. Make 2022 your best year of flight and get your aircraft
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There is still time… Hurry

Did you know you can improve your company’s bottom line by owning an aircraft? If you use your aircraft
for business use as little as 50% of the time, you are entitled to bonus depreciation. You can deduct
100% of the plane’s purchase price, maintenance expenses, and first-year bonus depreciation if used for
non-recreational purposes.
Flying isn’t just fun, it’s practical! A business aircraft can save you time and money, and US Aircraft
Finance will get you the best rate. With only 50% business use, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your
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Fly high with your own aircraft

Dreaming about flying on your own schedule, wherever you want to go? Avoid long airport lines, airline fees, and crowded commercial flights, and fly in comfort with an aircraft of your very own! Whether you are looking for that magnificent feeling of flight or need to get down to business and travel from point A to point B, flying can get you there.

While summer is beginning to wind down, it’s not too late to purchase an aircraft this year. The fall months can offer spectacular flying conditions. Plus, our loan application-through-closing process is entirely remote and can occur in as little as 24 hours! When armed with a pre-approval from our financing team, you can head to the hangars knowing what you can afford and move quickly when you find the right aircraft.

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A Business Aircraft Can Save Time and Money

Fall is coming, and that means it’s back to business for many folks. Ever wondered what it would be like to own an aircraft for your business?

Business travel is made easy when you’re equipped with your own aircraft. Operating a business aircraft can save you time, and can even improve your bottom line as business owners are able to deduct 100% of the 1st-year bonus deprecation of a plane’s purchase price and maintenance expenses. To be entitled to the bonus depreciation, the aircraft business use can be as little as 50%.

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